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Garage Door Service in Mercer Island, WA

When your door breaks down, the team at Garage Door Repair Mercer Island is just a phone call away. We love serving people in the area and we’ll get to your door right away. We’re proud to offer fast and quality services for any part of your door. You can call us when you need us.

What Happens When Your Door Breaks

It’s frustrating when you can’t open your door when you want to. Does it ever seem like your door never works when you need it to? Perhaps it doesn’t close all the way or it won’t even open. We understand this is stressful for our customers. The great news is that you can troubleshoot the problem in a few easy steps. While we believe that most garage door problems need professional care, there are a few things you can try before you give us a call.

Troubleshooting Your Door

There are a few areas to check first when you’re troubleshooting your door. If your garage door system is giving you problems, walk through these steps:
  • Are the panels or tracks bent in any way?
  • Is something blocking the safety sensors?
  • Is the weather seal worn out or torn?
  • Does the door make loud grinding noises when it opens or closes?
Our technicians troubleshoot doors every day and find quick solutions to the problem. When you call our office, they’ll do the same for your door.

Our Team Offers Emergency Service

If your door stops working during “off hours,” we will come help you anyway. We are passionate about helping our customers so we work around the clock for you. There’s always a technician in the area that can help you. When our phone staff answers your call, they’ll dispatch a technician who is close you. The technician will give you a call before they arrive. We want you to call us any time of day or night.

Regular Maintenance and Repair Is Important

Regular maintenance is the best thing you can do for your garage door system. Keeping up with your every month will help you avoid repairs. Since your door has many mechanical parts, you need to keep it well-lubricated. Keeping up with your door isn’t hard. Parts such as rollers, springs, tracks, and hinges need a good coat of lubricant to keep working smoothly. If there’s not enough lubricant, those parts will rust and eventually break.

We Will Service Your Door

Our team does more than just repair broken parts on your door. We recommend scheduling regular maintenance on your door at least once every year. Our technicians will come out and check every part. They’ll also apply lubricant and test your door. We want your door to work great for you every day.

Let Us Fix Your Door Today

When you need garage door services, call the team at Garage Door Repair Mercer Island. Every one of our customers is important to us. We’d love to help you with your door today.

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Payment Methods:

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To schedule an inspection by professional technician in Mercer Island please visit Garage Door Repair Mercer Island , WA